Top 6 Milex Home Security Tips – Part 2

Home Security Tips – Part 2

The best home security advice for your property is to speak to us at Milex Locks & Security who would be happy to review the security of your home.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at Part 2 of our Top 6 Milex Home Security Tips for a safer and more protected home for you and your family.

Part 1 of our guide can be read here.

  • Safely Secured

Home safes have become popular again over the last few years, so you might want to consider asking a specialist locksmith to specify and install a safe for your home

  • Secure French Doors and UPVC Doors

You may to consider installing bolts at both the top and bottom of your French doors or perhaps add sash jammers to UPVC doors

  • New Keys?

While you are reviewing your security it is also worth considering when your keys were last replaced? 

It is possible past owners or tenants may still have access to your home and who knows who might have a copy of your keys.  If you are worried, ask Milex to change your locks and fit a patented system, whereby keys can only be copied with proof of ownership.

  • Bad Habits

Always be aware of your homes security levels and ensure you don’t indulge in any bad habits such as leaving keys in locks or in view. Always set alarms, change codes frequently and locking any side or back gates. Being vigilant of these aspects will drastically reduce the chance of a thief gaining access to your property.

  • Protect the Shed!

Make sure you source a good quality lock to protect your garden shed and what’s inside. Don’t run the risk of your lawnmower and gardening equipment going walkabout.

  • Never leave car keys in full view!

Statistics show that thieves are increasingly breaking into homes to steal car keys, so don’t make it easy for them by leaving keys in view. We are all guilty of coming home, shoes off and the car keys put down on a side table near the front door. Make it difficult for the potential burglars, take your keys upstairs or leave them in your jacket and put the jacket in a place out of view.

Get in touch with Milex Locks to discuss how we can help with your Home Security

Choosing the locks or security system for your home is not an easy decision as there are a lot of different options available, so why not give us a call on 0131 242 0035 or 0141 305 8608 or email us at and let us safely secure your home for you and your family.


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